The Top 9 CBD Marketing Companies

CBD Marketing

CBD Marketing1. Boundless Labs
Boundless Labs is a marketing company that specializes in CBD marketing. Cannabis is harder to advertise legally, which makes it harder to find a good marketing company that can work with you. However, Boundless Labs has found a legal way to advertise cannabis products on popular platforms such as Facebook and Google. They can also advertise CBD products through email. This provides greater exposure to your CBD business.

The marketing company also specializes in search engine optimization. Just look them up and see for yourself! You will find that if you search the words “CBD Agency” on Google, Boundless Labs will show up on the first page of Google results. The marketing agency can bring the same level of exposure to your company and make sure that your company lands on the first result page. What also makes this marketing company unique is that they work closely with many influencers. These influencers can help to bring exposure and reviews to your business.

2. Elevated Internet Marketing
Elevated Internet Marketing advertises their skills at designing websites meant to attract cannabis users. The marketing company believes that it is important for a cannabis company to stand out from its competitors. They take the time to create a user-friendly website that best displays your values and your brand. The company will also work with you to analyze how your website is doing. Their team will help you to optimize your website to be appealing to the majority of visitors. The marketing company also specializes in search engine optimization, which will allow your site to appear more often in searches. The company also works frequently with the medical field to advertise, which means that they also know how to advertise medicinal products.

3. CannaPlanners
CannaPlanners is a CBD marketing company that will work closely with you in order to improve your image. The cannabis industry is a growing industry, which makes it harder to stand out from other companies. This marketing company will design a company logo for you that will help you stand out from your competitors. CannaPlanners will also help you to build a personalized website for your business. CannaPlanners recognizes that a large portion of traffic to a website comes from mobile phones. Due to this need, the created websites will be optimized to work with any platform. The company also provides technical support for their websites if you need help.

4. SherpaJesse Grillo
Sherpa is a CBD marketing company that focuses on connecting to customers. The content that the company creates is meant to be more relatable. The company also aims to connect with customers on an emotional level.Sherpa works with a PR company named Potency in order to create a brand image for your company. Potency will help your company to create a logo with specialized images, typography, and color palettes.

In addition, Potency will help you design appealing packaging with your logo. Potency also goes a step beyond other PR companies by helping to create your dispensary design. Sherpa will also help you to design a cannabis e-commerce site. The sites are built by a designer that has over 10 years of experience. With that kind of experience, you know that you are getting help from the best. Sherpa also advertises being able to create long-lasting traffic to your site. The marketing company has been doing search engine optimization for over 15 years.

5. 420 Marketing
420 Marketing is a marketing company that specializes in cannabis marketing. The company provides brand awareness for CBD companies and can help you to promote yourself better on social media. 420 Marketing can also make it so that your brand reaches more people. This makes it so that you generate more traffic to your website and social media pages.420 Marketing also specializes in search engine optimization. They will compare your SEO keywords to the SEO of other websites. This allows you to see why other websites might be gaining more traffic than yours and fix the problem.

The goal is for the marketing company to help you move up in the google rankings. That way, your website will appear before the websites of other companies. People tend to click more on the web pages in the first page of google results.

6. High Hopes
High Hopes is a CBD marketing company that helps you to relate with your customers. The company will discuss your mission statement and the story of your brand with you. The company makes sure that your brand resonates with your target audience. This also makes your brand more memorable to your customers.High Hopes will also help you to build a website that goes with your brand. The company uses analytics to see where your site needs to improve. The marketing company also has designers and coders that will help you to create a functional website design with an attractive interface.

CBD Marketing7. Dispensary Marketing
Dispensary Marketing is a CBD marketing company that focuses on marketing to customers located in your area and out of your area. Dispensary marketing will advertise offers to people near you using google ads. The company will also focus on search engine optimization in order to get real traffic to your site. Dispensary Marketing also focuses on email marketing. The email marketing allows you to send offers to previous and potential customers. These offers may entice buyers into buying from your site. You can also send newsletters to keep your email subscribers up to date with new products or company changes.

8. Puf Creative
Puf Creativ is a CBD marketing company that focuses on bringing all aspects of marketing together. This is what makes this marketing company effective in bringing and keeping attention to your brand. The company makes sure that their website design compliments their advertising methods and vice versa. Puf Creativ offers a variety of advertisement methods. You can opt for pay per click advertising or social media advertising.

The company will work with you in order to find an advertising method that works for your brand. What makes this company unique is that the company has a team of videographers that are willing to document your storefront or dispensary. There are also employees that can add animations to your website. These extra special touches allow you to customize your website more and get more attention compared to your competitors.

Jesse Grillo9. Cana Design Council
Canna Design Council is specifically a CBD marketing company. The company offers a variety of different services that help with your brand image and marketing practices. The company will help to develop your brand logo, website, social media image, and more. The company will also help with marketing any events that you may be planning.


What Was Taken into Consideration When Making These Recommendations?
Jesse Grillo is a marketing consultant with more than 15+ years of experience. Jesse Grillo is an expert in marketing who specializes in data mining, marketing, direct advertisement, social media management, and search engine optimization. He previously wrote an article detailing the top cannabis marketing companies. With his expertise in mind, we took a closer look at his suggestions to see if they were really the best marketing companies for cannabis. We also added some suggestions of our own. We based our decisions off of the variety and quality of services provided.