Methods to Enjoy CBD

cbd edibles

all natural nasal sprayIf you are new to cannabidiol or CBD, then you may be surprised at the wealth of products that are currently available. You can select from traditional oil to natural nasal spray products to CBD edibles and so much more. With more CBD products becoming available, it may be difficult to choose which one is right for you.

How to Make Your Choice

Before you can choose the method, you should know the reason why you are taking CBD in the first place. Although cannabidiol has proven to be safe and effective when taken in the recommended doses, the different ways of ingesting the product provides different means of how the CBD enters your system.

In other words, some methods work faster than others. But some methods are more pleasing to take than others. A good guideline is the following.
– Why are you taking CBD?
– Check third party results for effectiveness
– Understand the different absorption rate between CBD products
– Know the difference between internal and topical applications

Knowing why you are taking CBD is most of the battle. Whether it is to create an overall calming effect on the body or treat a specific area such as tightened muscles, the reason why you are taking the CBD will point you in the right direction in terms of the method.

Plus, you should trust third party reviews for the effectiveness of the product. Along with how fast the CBD will be absorbed into the body depending on the product. What follows are some of the most popular methods to enjoy CBD in the comfort of your home.

cbd ediblesCapsules

For those who want to take CBD as a daily supplement, then capsules are the perfect delivery product. You can swallow them with your vitamins in the morning and enjoy the effects for most of the day. The dosage delivered is precise, so you will know what you are getting. For those who are just starting out, you can lower the dosage at first until you get used to the effects of the CBD.

The downside is that the digestive system will destroy some of the CBD before it can be absorbed into the body. You want to be careful about the delayed effect as well. This is because some will believe that the first dose isn’t enough, so they add another dose and suddenly they are hit with two doses.


As the name implies, each concentrate has the strongest dosage of CBD compared to any other product on the market. They have advantages over tinctures as it cannot be spilled and is easy to carry. It only takes a few seconds to use the product as well. Plus, they come in different flavors.

The downside is that concentrates are not for everyone. You will need to be careful, especially if you have never used one before. They can be quite intimidating for some, so be sure that you follow the instructions for use.


The spray is one of the most common methods used for CBD ingestion. But it can be used either as a natural nasal spray or sprayed into the mouth. Be sure that the spray you choose can be used in the manner you desire.

Sprays tend to be lower in CBD concentration compared to most other products, but the dosage is also the most variable. This is because the spray cannot be exactly measured unlike some other methods. The main advantage of sprays is that they are perfect for those who are traveling or need to have the CBD around when on the move. Be sure to use the product properly as the absorption rate can be quite fast.

cbd ediblesTinctures

This is arguably the most popular method of consuming CBD. You purchase a bottle of CBD oil which contains a dropper that applies the product under the tongue. This may be the safest and most effective means of delivering CBD as the skin under the tongue will absorb the CBD directly into the bloodstream. It is also fast, easy to use, and the dosage can be precisely measured.

The downside is that the oil may have an unpleasant taste for some, although that is being changed with new flavors available. Another issue is that the bottle can be tipped or worse, cracked which spills the CBD. This means that you will need to be careful about handling the product.

Topical Creams

This is when you apply the CBD oil to the skin. Topicals are mostly used to soothe the skin, treat muscle soreness, and similar applications. The advantage of using topical products that contain CBD is that they can also treat a number of issues ranging from psoriasis to pain to acne and more.

You will need to be precise in the type of topical application that works best for you. Because the CBD is being absorbed through the skin, it will mostly work on the area where it is being applied. This is considerably different compared to taking CBD internally. Plus, the dosage is less controllable since you are applying the product generally. However, it is difficult to take in too much CBD as the skin will block some of it from entering your system.

all natural nasal sprayVaping

It should be noted that vaping CBD has come under some scrutiny in recent months in part due to the construction and materials used in the vaping devices themselves. Another consideration is that because the CBD goes straight into the lungs, the effect is quite fast compared to most other methods. This also means that the amount of CBD in each vape is considerably less as well.

You can adjust the dosage better with vaping compared to sprays, but be mindful not to overuse the product as a few have experienced complications.

Whether you choose the oil, natural nasal spray, CBD edibles, or some other method, be sure that you follow all instructions. Also be careful that you do not overuse the product. Stick to one preferred method and keep track of how much CBD you take in during the day.