Marijuana and Its Benefits


Medical marijuana has been hitting the point of legalisation in a lot of countries, as many nations have begun to realise its importance and benefits. With news reports doing the rounds, it is no surprise that Snoop Dogg’s plant has been widely recognised as the one to treat a bunch of diseases and ailments. So here are a few of those benefits which are tried and tested by doctors and experts.

Prevents Cancer

Cannabidiol is known for its benefits and the way it treats the individual who is in pain. But the latest to hit circuits of research is how the plant prevents cancer. Cannabidiol stops cancer by turning off a gene known as id-1. Cases relating to breast cancer are due to high levels of id-1, and that can now be prevented.

The Effects of Anxiety

Effects of Anxiety

Anxiety is another common phenomenon that we wish does not exist. People who suffer from anxiety are known to go through a series of problems as they begin thinking about the various forms of life-ending messages and conclusions. But as the word of doctors and specialists are concerned, cannabis is the right source of treatment for anxiety. Numerous studies and findings have suggested this drastic use of medical marijuana and why it should be made legal all around the world.

The Alzheimer’s Disease

We are all quite aware of the behaviour of people with Alzheimer’s and how memory plays as a roadblock in their life. But research suggests the uses that THC has on our body. The content in weed, which makes us high is responsible for minimising the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. As these researchers are scientifically proven, they are entirely valid.

Treats Glaucoma

Treats Glaucoma

Glaucoma can be a severe eye disease which can reduce the power of your vision, thereby leading to a stage where you become blind. But on the brighter side, marijuana can help stop the pressure inside the eyes and began the process of treating Glaucoma. These effects of the plant might slow the progression of the diseases, which seem like the ideal form of treatment.

Pain Relief

CBD is an extract of marijuana that can prevent an individual from experiencing pain due to various situations. This factor of CBD has been widely credited, as many athletes find such use to be beneficial to their activities.



Depression might be one of the most famous medical disorders that affect an individual leaving him/her with a lot of internal pain. The condition is known to severely affect people, as they go beyond boundaries at times. So, as a mode of treatment, many doctors and specialities have suggested CBD, as it can be extremely beneficial at such scenarios.