Golfer’s guide to CBD

cbd for golf anxiety

cbd for golf anxietyPart of success at the sport of golf is controlling your anxiety. The less anxious you feel, the more you can focus on your swing. CBD for golf anxiety is becoming more popular thanks to its positive attributes and few side effects. But is CBD for golf really for you? It pays to better understand what it does and how to search for the right products.

Can CBD Improve Your Golf Game?
That’s not the right way to look at the product. CBD does not enhance any of your skills. Instead, it reduces the anxiety that is felt when you are driving the ball off the tea, getting out of the rough, or lining up for a putt. While most golfers can channel the anxiety, they feel into a positive effect, there are those who feel too much anxiety which interferes with their game. It is in these cases where CBD works most effectively. It does not take away the feelings of anxiety. Rather, it reduces them to manageable levels. This means that just like the pros you can channel your anxiety into positive energy that can be used to sharpen your focus and improve your overall game. But before you rush out to the store and purchase CBD for golf anxiety, there are a few things that you should know to find the right type of product.

See Your Doctor
Although CBD is relatively safe, you should see your doctor if you are taking other medications as the product might cause issues. The last thing you want is to have your medication and CBD interact in an unforeseen way. So be sure to consult with your physician if you are taking medications, especially for a serious issue.

Know What to Get
The most important aspect of searching for CBD is looking at the THC levels as stated on the product. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that creates the feeling of being “high”. In most states, THC levels must be less than .3% for the CBD to be legally sold for non-medical use. This means that you need to find out if what you are taking has little to no THC. Otherwise, you might experience other issues that affect your game negatively. Plus, where the product was made and in what conditions is also important. This means that harmful contaminants such as germs, bacteria, or metals must not be present. To show this, CBD companies will provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that is an independent test of from an approved laboratory. These certificates are renewed every year, so be sure that the company you purchase CBD from has it.

cbd for golf Dosage
Now that you have the right product, the next step is getting the proper dosage. Although CBD itself has few unwanted side effects, too much or too little will not do you any good on the golf course. It is best to start small with dosages that contain no more than five to ten milligrams. While the effect might be so mild that you do not really feel it, that is better than the alternative when your body is simply not ready to have so much in the system. A single CBD gummy or droplet is a good place to start. You can take just a little more each day as your body becomes use to the dosage to find what works for you. It is generally best to stay below 50 milligrams per day, but you should not upgrade the amount you take by more than a few milligrams each day and then see over time how your body reacts.

Forms of CBD
Perhaps the most surprising element of CBD is just how many different forms it comes in for usage. From edibles to gum to oils and ointments, you can find different types of CBD products to meet your needs. In addition, each type also comes with its own price tag, so you will want to be careful with your budget when shopping for CBD.

So many edibles, so many different ways that CBD can be consumed. From chocolates to beverages to gummies and so many other foods, this is a popular way to get CBD into your system. The advantages start with the pleasing taste of the food product and its beneficial, nutritional effect. However, the digestive system is not nearly that efficient when it comes to absorbing CBD. Plus, edibles are some of the more expensive means of getting CBD.

cbd for golfTinctures
Normally performed with CBD oil, you place a drop under your tongue and hold it there for up to 30 seconds before swallowing. The capillaries under the tongue allow for quicker absorption of the CBD compared to the going through the digestive system. The upside is that this is one of the least expensive methods of using CBD. But the downside is most often the taste. However, there are some CBD oils that have a neutral or even pleasing taste, but they are more expensive.

Topical CBD
This is a different form as it is applied to the skin and not meant to be taken internally. While it will enter the bloodstream eventually, its effect will mostly be on the location where it is applied. This means that if you have muscle soreness, suffer from arthritis, or even have skin conditions such as eczema, acne, or psoriasis, then topical CBD may be just right for you.

This is arguably the fastest way for the CBD to enter your system. Plus, it is odorless and vaping products are quite common an inexpensive. However, little research has been done on CBD entering the system through the lungs and some medical reports have warned of potential side effects. Which means that vaping will need to be studied more to learn its full effect. CBD for golf is becoming more popular for several reasons, but for many who enjoy the sport it is a way to relax and focus on their game. This is why more people are taking CBD for golf anxiety as it provides a calming effect that allows them to enjoy playing the game even more.