Not Sure About Using CBD For Skin? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Nowadays, CBD is practically everywhere. Whether you want to consume it in the form of capsules, tinctures, oils, gummies, or chocolates, you can do so effortlessly. Looking at the benefits of CBD, manufacturers are using it in several ways to make it more accessible for users. Skincare products are not left out either.

Sellers like EMPE USA have a variety of CBD topical and skincare products. These products are infused with CBD, and thus your skin can benefit from this amazing compound easily. Furthermore, they only use 100% organic CBD. They meticulously select their local producers and ensure they are providing their customers with nothing but the best. In simple words, if you are looking for safe CBD products, you must checkout EMPE USA.

Understanding how CBD works wonders for the skin

CBD is an all-natural compound. It is found in hemp and marijuana plants. However, unlike THC (which is also extracted from hemp), CBD doesn’t give you a high. CBD is known to help users with anxiety issues, depression, insomnia, selected epilepsy syndromes, chronic pain, etc.

All in all, CBD has plenty of health benefits, and now with CBD-infused skin care products, your skin can feel its best as well. Topical CBD products are helpful to those with pruritic skin conditions. For instance, conditions like eczema, or post-herpetic neuralgia can be treated using CBD oils and creams. The thing is, CBD doesn’t exactly treat these conditions but works on hormones that cause eczema.

CBD benefits for Skin

  • CBD is known to help reduce swelling, pain, and redness caused by inflammatory acne.
  • It regulates oil production in the skin. Well, it regulates the hormones that produce excess sebum in the skin.
  • CBD helps in reducing breakouts. Also, since it reduces sebum production, breakouts reduce in general.
  • As CBD can reduce inflammation on the skin, it helps in calming rosacea flare-ups as well.
  • It neutralizes free radicals and thereby prevents skin weakening
  • CBD combats inflammation and irritation caused by eczema. Also, it helps in treating chronic conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis.
  • CBD is known as an adaptogen, and hence it is believed that it decreases the production of hormones that are specifically released in the body when the body is under stress. Some of these hormones are – nitric oxide, kinase, cortisol, etc.
  • CBD has amazing moisturizing properties and thus can solve dehydration issues and dryness in your skin.

Side effects

In general, no severe side effects are associated with CBD, and even though the research concerning CBD’s benefits for the skin is limited, it is considered pretty safe for topical use. Nevertheless, if you experience any skin reaction from using CBD-infused cream or balm, there are chances that it is not because of CBD itself, but other ingredients in the product.

Lastly, keep in mind that how much you will benefit from a CBD-infused skin care product depends completely on the product you are using. That being said, ensure you read the list of ingredients thoroughly. If you aren’t sure, it is best to consult a certified dermatologist, or your primary healthcare provider before using any new supplement for your skin.