All you readers are sure to be curious to know more about this Super Indo Kratom. As we know it is called a special strain, but why and how it is different from other kratoms is something we all want to know. So here in this article, we are going to write in detail about this kratom. 

As there are different types of strains available, it can be quite confusing to understand which one is better. So, in case of Kratoms, you need to know them in detail so that you can know which one is better for you. 

About Super Indo Kratom

Super Indo was first cultivated in Indonesia. Due to the geographic conditions and their traditional farming practices, this particular strain has a different kratom alkaloid content in it. This alkaloid plays a very important role in giving the kratoms a unique and enjoyable effect. This particular strain is produced from large Mitragyna speciosa leaves, where it was harvested at the early stage of maturity. This extra time is the reason for enhancing the alkaloid content. 

They come in three different colors like red veins, green veins, and white veins. Super Indo has a larger leaf as compared to the other kratoms. This is the way to distinguish them from other leaves, which helps farmers to select the right one. Once the farmers pick the leaves, they are put through the drying process that is later on crushed into powder and sold in the market.

You can find the best kratom powders in many online stores as well as retail stores. It is said to be one responsible and legitimate company that delivers its products to all the places where Kratom is not banned. 

The word “Super” in Super Kratom

Commonly, the word “super” will always have a positive effect on us. It not only makes us sound good, but feels good too. However, in reality, this word super in super kratom doesn’t have anything special in it. Here in this case the description of the word “super” is:

  1. It is a strain, which is been harvested by using larger kratom leaves 
  2. This strain contains a higher level of alkaloid in it.
  3. It is just an average strain, which a seller would like to sell by using some bigger marketing tactics.

In short, there is nothing special in this word “super” as it is just like any other kratoms.

American Kratom Association

It is very much important for all of us to know that the American Kratom Association is the main support group for kratoms in the US. They have designed a Kratom Consumer Protection Act, which is specially made to improve this industry. 

Lab testing

Lab testing is one of the important criteria to improve the quality of the kratoms. Hence, every manufacturer has to make sure that all the liquid kratom products have to go through third party lab testing to ensure the quality of the product.