How to Wear Waist Beads Fashionably, for Seduction and Fun!

Waist beads may change your life. You might wish that someone loved you would pay more attention to your waist or even give you more attention from other sex. Have you ever thought of waist beads? They can be worn in any gender and designed to draw attention towards your waist and hips. Waist-beads are one of the most recent fashion trends to have come to our attention. I’m certain they will be a lot more fun to use in the future as well.

Here is a simple Q & As that will answer all your questions on trendy, stylish waist beads.

What are waist beads? What does Waist Beads mean?

Waist beads can be worn around the hips, waist or stomach as a traditional West African body ornament. They were worn by brides just before their wedding, the same way that they wore luxurious underwear on their honeymoon.

They come in a variety of colors and shapes like all Jewelry. You may also find Swarovski, glass gems or ‘charms’ that have specific meanings. This new trend can also be called waistline beads, belly beads, and waistline beads.

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The origins of the waist bead trend?

Since ancient Egypt’s time, women have worn waist beads to decorate their bodies. They are especially associated in West Africa with the Yoruba tribe from Nigeria, which is known for their use as waist beads.

Waist beads were traditionally worn to enhance women’s bodies, make them more feminine, aid in conception and provide protection against harm.

Do waist beads have to be for slim women?

Nonsense! Waist beads, which are for women only, can be worn either under your clothes to make you look more attractive or on top of your clothes to add sexiness. They are designed to accent your curves and female shapes, no matter what size you may be.

Because they don’t have to be tight around the waist, waist beads can be worn comfortably around your hips. It’s a fun and unique way to show off your fashion sense while being more seductive.

How do you wear your waist beads?

You can wrap the whole length of the new waist beads below the waist or further down the hips to test the fit. If the waist beads become too long, you can simply pull any extra beads out of the cotton string. Make sure to tie at least 3 – 4 tight knots on the end of each bead-line. Once the knots are secured, remove any extra string.

The rest is up to you when it comes to fitting your beads. Although your waist beads are best worn under your stomach, there are many options. Beads can be worn in a variety of ways, including under and against clothing.